Land use maximizing

Additional Tips for Maximizing Land Use

So, what else do master naturalists like Todd Herrick recommend in the spirit of maximizing land use by way of landscaping tactics in particular? One key resource kept close to the hearts of many growers such as Herrick is that of the Plant Hardiness Zone Map maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture. This online tool allows anyone to see the general growing feasibility of any part of the US. That feasibility is measured with a number and color on the map and can then be weighed against plants and foliage and their own designated feasibility numbers.

2018 USDA Plant Hardiness Grow Zone Map

life cycleAnother great thing to remember is life cycle. The pros recommend maintaining awareness of this aspect, when possible, because of the future implications posed by it. Plants with long life cycles pose less re-plant and removal work, while plants with shorter lifespans and seasons can sometimes pose their own great benefits.

In conclusion, with some practice and willingness to learn and grow, nearly anyone can come to really maximize the use of their land, and thus, the value of their real estate, for personal use or even with future resale in mind. And while expert growers and landscapers like Herrick and others may take more advanced approaches in some areas, the “good-old elements” of water, spacing, and soil quality always resound. To find balance and success in truly maximizing what your land has to offer, don’t stray far from these cornerstone principles, and neither will you stray too far from success in whatever your landscaping real estate goal may be.