Horticultural Activities

horticultureSoil acidity, measured by PH levels, is just as important. Soil that is either too acidic or not acidic enough can put an immediate stop to otherwise healthy plants, sprouts, or seeds. Soil that is low in acidity is more easily corrected with the addition of a number of easily procured soil amendments. On the other hand, as discussed by veteran horticulturist, Todd Herrick: “Overcoming high pH is a more challenging proposition, and suppliers of high quality fill soils recognize that few non-chemical amendments are effective in sustained reduction of pH” (https://www.klsupplies.com/renewed-earth).

Herrick himself is a noted horticulturist, farmer, rancher, and all-around renowned naturalist, credited with many great works including the celebrated turnaround of Telluride, Colorado’s very own Gunnison River Farms. Todd Herrick Telluride Helitrax sponsorship is also widely known in Colorado and beyond. This idyllic oasis of lush greens and other foliage was revived by Herrick and family from a once rather dismal river basin area.

While Herrick created a virtual wonderland – sweet-smelling orchards, bountiful farm fields, lush micro-greens stations, and select livestock fit perfectly among some quaint dwellings, a swimming and fishing hole, and more – he has been quite open about some of the means and tactics he used to do it all. Attention to soil PH, future planning, and keen use of a gravity/river-fed irrigation systems here are among the main focal points Herrick credits with his ultimate success at the farm – the three elements of water, spacing, and soil.